What is GCG?

GCG is the world-leading Crypto Enhancing platform with multi-trading features
It features Automated Trading, Multi-Crypto Exchange and Leverage Trading.

We built a platform for
The crypto-trading Industry

Cryptocurrency exchanges or digital currency exchanges (DCE) are businesses that allow customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets.

Many have ventured into the cryptocurrency market without prior knowledge and have lost so much that they got a crypto-phobia (fear of cryptocurrencies) or have tagged cryptocurrency as fraud.

Through our automated Crypto-Trading software, we aim to bring a solution to that, focusing on profitable trading and crypto-education. No need to be an expert anymore to earn with crypto-trading.

What is Crypto?
How it works

Problems & Solutions

The crypto-trading niche is a fast growing online market that is valued at a whopping $230 billion.
While many fear it, many others are taking advantage and making a fortune from it.


There is a great potential in this industry, but yet so many have a fear of cryptocurrencies or have a wrong understanding of its potential. "How can I start?" Many will ask!

Just as cryptocurrency is still a mystery for many, crypto-trading can be a pain for others. There is a need to make crypto-trading as easy as 3 simple steps, so that anyone can make a profit quickly, consistently and without stress.
Though there is a high risk in every financial investment, there are also greater rewards for those who dare take that risk, so it's important to break the barriers, make things simple, and more importantly profitable and fun at the same time... Everyone can benefit from this huge market!!!




With our Automated Trading Software you need not to be a smart or advanced trader to earn in this great industry. Our software enables anyone to trade securely, and with peace of mind while ensuring steady profits

It's the first of its kind—a simple, safe and secure way to trade crypto currencies at a guaranteed 10% to 20% profit above market price. GCG is not part of the regular stock exchange, it only simulates the same mechanism but with different specifications and different entities. Its software has been specifically designed for beginners in cryptocurrencies, but even any crypto enthusiast will find GCG highly innovative and profitable.

About GCG token

GCG Token

The GCG token is a ERC-20 compliant utility token which allows compatibility between all ERC-20 compliant tokens,

yielding substantial benefits for any user of the GCG Ecosystem.

Coin Image

Backed by a solid business model and niche, the GCG token’s scarcity will be natural and guaranteed by its limited supply which will automatically influence its market value. For the purposes of transparency and reliability, GCG will undergo yearly audits to keep the public in the loop about GCG Global Project.

We know that decentralized digital finance is the future, but we also understand its penetration is not yet global in the sense that it’s still in its early stages. Our Mission is to ensure that we put in maximum effort to make cryptocurrency and crypto-trading enjoyable, thus increasing interest in this industry via interactive social events and trading contests—a world first!

The GCG Utility Tokens serves as the primary means of payment of all GCG services, including but not limited to trading fees, listing fees and promotional fees. 100% of trading fees are redistributed between makers and takers at a 50/50 ratio based on the GCG token’s current price

Due to the limited supply of the tokens within the system and a business-oriented token burn model, GCG will outmatch other coins in demand on the exchange token market. GCG tokens will also be Listed in other Exchangers to be announced.



Read our White Paper to get more details about GCG project.


What's the story behind GCG?

Global Crypto Gate is a company formed and maintained by a group of professional traders in the cryptocurrency industry. We have observed that many people get involved in crypto-trading without prior knowledge of the risks and challenges. Crypto-trading is unlike Forex trading, mainly due to the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and the risks involved for immature traders.

GCG was created directly to bring crypto-trading closer to those who are new or inexperienced, but it also offers an exciting experience for advanced traders and crypto-enthusiasts.

The GCG Liquidity Fund supports two business models and is the backbone of the Exchange and the Leverage System. The Fund stores 20% of the accumulated funds to maintain ready liquidity for future expansion globally.

Token Stats

Token Distribution

Global Crypto Gate is conducting a token sale, with a minimum goal of raising (USD) $1.5 million. Our private token sale will continue until 430 million tokens in the sale are sold, at incremental pricing per million raised. Any tokens that remain unsold in the private sale will be available for purchase directly on the platform after launch for the following 100 days. The price of the tokens for sale on the platform will be determined by a fair market price.

18% Allocated to Team members shall be Reserved with 3years *Vesting, While 15% Allocated to Advisory Board shall be Reserved with 1year *Vesting.

(*Won't be sold and/or used till after Vesting period)

Symbol: GCG

Initial Value: 1 ETH = 14,743.65 GCG

Token Type: ERC20

Pre-Sale & Values

Tokens Sale

The Public ICO (Initial Coin Offering - Public Token sales) begins on October 1st.
Due to uncertainty in the market, investors from the U.S. and China will not be able to participate in our ICO.

ICO will start in
  • Pre-Sale
  • Soft Cap
  • Bonus
  • |
  • |
  • |
0% target raised
1 ETH = $368.59 = 14,743.65 GCG
Get GCG Token

GCG token is an ERC-20 compliant token, with a maximum supply of 1 Billion GCG Tokens only, which will be distributed during and after our ICO program. Every unsold token will be shifted to a special 2 weeks referral contest program.
GCG token sales will start with a private contribution before opening to the public in just 2 rounds (Pre-ICO, Main-ICO)

  • Pre-ICO starts 5th September
  • Pre-ICO ends 30th September
  • Main ICO starts 1st October
  • Main ICO ends 25th November
  • Acceptable currencies BTC, BCH, ETH & LTC
  • Minimum contribution 2000 GCG tokens
  • Maximum ICO tokens 430,000,000 GCG (43%)
  • Maximum ICO Bonus 50,000,000 GCG (5%)
Token Sales

Budget Allocation

Token Sales Proceeds Management

GCG retains lawyers to ensure compliance with necessary laws to operate and pursue necessary licenses to offer all the features in our roadmap. Projected to be GCG’s largest expense, 35% of the budget has been allocated to the development of GCG’s roadmap through R&D.

The GCG Liquidity Fund supports two business models and is the back bone of the Exchange and the Leverage System. The Fund stores 20% of the accumulated funds to have available liquidity for future expansion globally.

Following the example of prominent companies and learning the secrets of their success, we understand that marketing is an aspect we should focus heavily on. We will allocate 18% of the ICO proceeds to marketing, which will put us in a good position for success!


GCG Mobile App

Android & ios app

We understand that not everyone can afford a decent laptop, or prefer not to use a computer because they are busy or always on the move, and as such not everyone wants to be compelled to access the trading account through a desktop or laptop computer. The GCG Development Team is currently working on a user-friendly Mobile App, which will make your trading experience even better and more convenient. You will be able to access your GCG account anywhere, any time... Crypto-trading at your fingers tip!!!

  • User Friendly
  • Exciting experience
  • Any where any time
Android Apple
mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app


This roadmap represents a conservative timeline of feature rollouts.

January 2018
GCG Platform
idea brainstorming
March 2018
Technical & strategy
July 2018
GCG Beta v.0.1
Early Traders
September 2018
Pre-Ico Realease Live Now
October 2018
Token Sales Phase 1
November 2018
Leverage Trading
December 2018
GCG Staking
Program begings
Q1 2019
More Development
on Live Trade
Q2 2019
Crypto-Invest Box
Begins with Profit-sharing


GCG was created and is being managed by a group of Experienced Traders and Crypto-Currency Enthusiasts.
Our combined experienced surely is an asset to tap into!


Creative and
Dedicated Traders


Years of combined experience


Years of blockchain experience

Graphic Designer
UI / UX Designer
helpful minds


The company of good advisors to ensure a successful project execution cannot be over emphasized.
We have successfully brought on board some experienced minds to help us make things better.

Blockchain Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur and Investor
Fin-Tech Entrepreneur
Fin-Tech Investor
Fin-Tech Investor
Blockchain Entrepreneur